EPD’s Vacancy Affects Businesses

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Police Department may not be noticing many changes, but local businesses say the move has somewhat affected their bottom lines.

The city hall location where EPD just moved from was fracturing their functionality and, perhaps more seriously, was a safety hazard. But local businesses on Pearl Street and elsewhere say they do miss their company since the move.

Cafe Zenon says there are a handful of Eugene police officers and staff who have stopped coming through their doors. But managers and employees say it’s also a difficult season to be analyzing one business trend with so many variables like weather, school schedules and vacationers.

“There’s a lot of festivals going on throughout the state. People are in town for events such as the Eugene Celebration, and people are out of town for other festivals,” said Christopher Pirog, Cafe Zenon Manager.

Other small businesses, especially nearby cafes, say there’s a bit of a bare feeling on the block without the police department. They say not only do they miss business from officers and others with EPD, but also the safety component of having police protection right next door or on their patio.

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