Equine Flu Hits OSU’s Horse Stables

CORVALLIS, Ore. — A flu outbreak hit Oregon State University’s horse stables, and vets are warning their clients to leave their horses home unless it’s an emergency.

The OSU Vet Hospital says six of its patients have equine influenza, a flu that vets say is similar to the flu that people get. They say it’s a common virus that’s very contagious, but it only spreads to other horses.

Vets say most horses don’t die from the flu and, like people, horses just need to take a few days off.

“Same as in people actually. We don’t have Theraflu for horses, but we tend to treat them with supportive care, things that decrease their fever–fans, water–just to keep them comfortable,” said Keith Poulsen, who specializes in large animal internal medicine at OSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine.

Poulsen says unless it’s an emergency, all clients should wait to bring their horses to the clinic until later next week.

The small animal hospital is still open.

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