Escaped Inmate Linked to Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police are looking for a Springfield man who escaped from the Douglas County Jail Friday.

While 32-year-old Thomas Ivan Grimes escaped from the jail in Roseburg, investigators suspect his background could lead him back to Springfield.

Springfield police confirmed Grimes has had several run-ins with them in the past.

Officers say Grimes has an extensive history of violent criminal acts, including kidnapping and assault in relation to a series of domestic violence charges.

Because he’s been arrested in the area before, investigators think he has people he knows in the area.

As soon as officers got word of the escape, they jumped into action.

“If he’s going to escape from that facility and walk away from it, we’ve got to be concerned about what other bad choices he will make. So we put out an alert, and we have our officers out to check the area and be wary that this guy is out there,” said Springfield Police Sgt. John Umenhofer.

Because of Grimes’ long history of domestic violence, Springfield police want to encourage anyone in an abusive relationship to get out.

Sergeant Umenhofer says–in his experience–repeat offenders only get worse with each offense.

Grimes is 5’8” tall, weighs 150 lbs., has a hazel eyes and a shaved head. Deputies say he was last seen wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt and dark color jeans. If you see Grimes, call 9-1-1 immediately and don’t approach him.

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