Estimated Local Economic Boost from the Olympic Trials

EUGENE, Ore. — The Olympic Track and Field Trials are expected to boost the local economy, but estimates may be surprising.

Travel Lane County predicts event spectators, athletes and media will contribute $31 million to the local economy over the 10-day span of the trials.

Lisa Lawton with Travel Lane County says it anticipates more than 25,000 visitors at the trials; between locals, out-of-town spectators, athletes, media and officials.

Lawton says they estimate each person from outside the area spends about $190 per day and locals spend about $75 per day on everything from tickets to food and hotels.

On top of all that, she says the duration of the event is what makes the difference.

“The reason it sounds so high is that this is an event that’s lasting for 10 days plus. We have people that are coming in before the trials, staying longer after the trials, so just the number of days alone” said Lawton.

This year’s projections are a little higher than the $28 million impact, Travel Lane County calculated for the 2008 trials.

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