Eugene Air Pollution Worst in 4 Years

EUGENE, Ore. — Air pollution in Eugene is the worst it’s been in four years, but there are things residents can do to help.

LRAPA says it expects air quality to deteriorate again Tuesday night, as people get home from work and burn wood in their fireplaces.

LRAPA says this level of pollution is unhealthy for everyone, not just those with respiratory issues. But people with asthma or other breathing problems might be wheezing and coughing a bit more because of this air pollution.

Even though the air quality is unhealthy, LRAPA says it won’t be impose a burn ban.

“Normally, we would put a burn ban in place. However, this kind of weather is kind of unprecedented in Western Oregon. We haven’t had temperatures this low since 1972, and we know it’s impossible for some people to keep their homes warm when it gets this cold,” said Sally Markos, LRAPA spokesperson.

LRAPA is advising anyone who has another method for heating to stop burning wood and start using electrical heating or natural gas. LRAPA says one of the signs that there are unhealthy amounts of fine particulate in the air is being able to smell burning wood.

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  1. Tahler says:

    Yep, I’ve noticed the smog in the air.

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