Eugene Airport Sees Holiday Travel Rush

EUGENE, Ore. — Whether you’re home for the Thanksgiving holiday already or plan on hitting the road or catching a flight Wednesday night, you’re certainly not alone. It’s one of the busiest travel days of the year.

At the Eugene Airport more than 1,500 people are expected to fly out.

“(Wednesday) morning alone we had a line that went already from our TSA security checkpoint here, all the way down to our baggage claim and back again,” said Kaitlin Hunter, Airport Services Manager.

The Eugene Airport increased staff.

“The TSA has added additional people for those busy days to try to get people through security more quickly,” Hunter said.

Fliers are also doing what they can to make their travels go smoothly. While extreme weather is causing headaches for people on the East Coast, there are no such troubles here and few delays. Even so, McKaraah Dreyfous was feeling the effect.

“My mom’s back home on the East Coast, she’s from Boston. So there’s a huge storm going on our there so she’s stuck for a while,” Dreyfous said.

Dreyfous says she hopes her mom can fly out by Saturday, giving them a couple of days together. With family on the minds of many, it’s clear travelers are in the holiday spirit.

“I’m just looking forward to seeing all my family, eating a nice meal away from the dorms. It’s going to be awesome,” said traveler Jeff Snyder.

And the Eugene Airport is welcoming them with open arms.

“The more people we get through here, the more potential for more service and new airlines. So we just love to see the airport busy, and we’ve been decorating for the holidays. So it’s a really exciting time around here,” Hunter said.

Staff at the airport say they already have their eye on the weather forecast going into the weekend. They say on Sunday they have even more fliers planning to come through, and they want people to be prepared for those possible cancellations or delays.

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