Eugene Airport Travelers Up in 2013

1-15 AIRPORT RECORD kspEUGENE, Ore. — Business is taking off at the Eugene Airport. A record number of people traveled through the airport in 2013.

Airport officials say 863,000 travelers arrived or departed from Eugene in 2013. That’s 6.7 percent more than the previous year, and it’s the third consecutive year a record has been set.

An improved economy, two new airlines and more flight options are to credit for the bump in business.

“It’s great for the local airport. It’s meaning more passengers that live in the Eugene area are flying out of our local airport instead of going up to Portland, so it’s keeping the money in the region and helping the economy down here,” said Tim Doll, Eugene Airport Director.

In 2013, Frontier Airlines began service to Denver, and American Airlines began service to Los Angeles. A total of six airlines have routes in and out of Eugene.

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