Eugene Bag Ban Goes Into Effect

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EUGENE, Ore. — First Portland, then Corvallis, now Eugene–an ordinance banning plastic bags went into effect Wednesday.

There’s both support and frustration in grocery story aisles.

Shoppers in the Eugene Target store can’t get plastic grocery bags anymore while they’re shopping. Instead they’ll have to pay a nickel for every paper bag as the citywide bag ban goes into effect.

The five-cent charge for paper doesn’t scare away some shoppers.

“Definitely because I don’t think that’s too much to pay for convenience,” said Lynette Felix.

But other shoppers will turn to bringing their own bags to the store.

“I always carry a reusable bag in my purse. Initially it was because I got my five cent discount, but now I’m just used to having it. My mom started it first, so it kind of rubbed off on me,” said Kelsey Weilbrenner.

“I always shop the grocery store and every place with reusable bags, so it really wasn’t a big adjustment for me, but I’m sure it is for a lot of people,” said Nita Postlewait.

Some shoppers say adjusting to the ordinance by carrying bags to the store will be difficult at fist.

“When I remember to get them out of my car (laughs),” said Dawn Davis.

“I put a bunch of bags in my car, so I’d have them, but I really don’t enjoy having to bring them in,” Felix said.

But while some don’t enjoy the ban, others are supportive but understand the frustration.

“I like the plastic ban even though like other people say you can use them for garbage can liners. I still like stopping the excess waste,” Davis said.

Since the neighbor next door doesn’t ban plastic .

“They might lose customers, from Eugene that’ll go to Springifeld?” Felix said.

Customers looking to continue getting plastic bags say they’ll take their business elsewhere.

To help customers with the transition, Target gave each customer one free reusable bag.


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  1. Calen says:

    I won’t typically defend Walmart, but I will defend them from this article. Your report indicated that Walmart (or the “big bad neighbor” in the segment) wasn’t banning plastic bans, when in reality they actually are. They ran a test run last month (which a majority of customers hated) and decided to enforce the ban. The ban actually went into effect today.

    I know you can’t always get the facts straight, but please try better.

    1. KEZI Staff says:

      When we said neighbors, we meant Springfield, not Walmart.

  2. Calen says:

    It was assumed that Walmart was the intent when the customer said something along the lines of “they’ll probably lose customers or go to Springfield”.

    Thank you for the response and the clarification.

  3. K. says:

    Well since this law provides no benefit to the environment I will not comply with policy makers deciding to inflict their version of Utopia onto me. I bought 1000 plastic t-shirt bags from Amazon as did many of my neighbors for about $20.00. They cost me about 2cents each and all the grocery stores pay me back a 5cent credit for each plastic bag I use. This means I am being paid to use plastic bags. Take that. I will have earned $50.00 in store credit for my $20.00 purchase. The news should report the truth that people can in fact still use plastic bags and not make it out like they have no other options.
    Bag bans are being put into place to control people, not to actually accomplish anything
    This gets to the heart of the issue: Bag bans are meant to control people and their attitudes. It does not matter if there is NO improvements to the environment. It does not matter that plastic bags are an incredibly small part of a larger problem. It doesn’t even matter that they step on people’s liberties and freedoms and hurt businesses. The only thing that matters is that they were able to control people’s behavior and force them to adopt what they consider to be a “green” lifestyle.
    And it is only the beginning!

  4. Calen says:

    K, in my opinion that’s a little over the top. I’m an avid plastic bag user, but to say the ban is purely there to control people? That’s ridiculous. In time, the ban will help the environment. Plastic bags although useful, are harmful in many different ways. If you don’t believe it, you should do your own research.

    I’ve seen some people using their backpacks, and even saw someone using a suitcase. I’m sure you have something laying around your house that you could have used instead.

    I will however, applaud for figuring out a way to earn money on top of the ban.

    It was pretty ingenious.

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