Eugene Ballet Dancer Commits Suicide

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EUGENE, Ore. — A tough discovery for friends and family of the Eugene Ballet Company after a principal dancer took his own life Wednesday.

Juan Carlos Amy-Cordero, 28, was a beloved dancer in Eugene and across the country.  Friends and family of Juan Carlos say they are in complete shock because they say the star dancer never showed any signs of suicidal behavior.

Now the ballet company is just trying to cope with the loss and remember the amazing talents this man brought to the community.

“He really cared and every performance was like new because he was so committed to doing the very best he could and again, he had this dramatic energy that was infectious,” said managing director Riley Grannan.

Local ballet fans might recognize Juan Carlos from his performance as the prince in “Swan Lake”, Puck in a “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Romeo in “Romeo and Juliet” and the Monkey Prince in “Mowgli”.

Juan Carlos leaves behind his wife, Jennifer, who was a ballet mistress at the company.  The Eugene Ballet Company plans to host a public celebration of life for Juan Carlos. The date is to be determined.

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