Eugene Boy Swallows Detergent

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene family spent Christmas Eve in the hospital after their 2-year-old boy swallowed laundry detergent.

Ariel Rathsack says that night was a parent’s nightmare. They had just finished lunch when her son Mason came running into the room looking sick. The next thing she knew, Mason was vomiting everywhere.

“He came running in behind me with his mouth wide open saying ‘ick,'” Rathsack said.

Rathsack quickly learned Mason drank the liquid out of a laundry detergent capsule that was on top of the washing machine. She says she called Poison Control, but Mason began throwing up and having a hard time breathing. So she called 9-1-1.

“When they got here, they were trying to talk to him and he wouldn’t talk. And then once we got into the ambulance, he lost consciousness on the way to the hospital,” Rathsack said.

Because Mason threw up most of the detergent, doctors didn’t have to pump his stomach. His stay in the hospital was brief, and his mom is simply grateful it didn’t end worse.

“I couldn’t imagine any parent going through that,” Rathsack said.

Mason is back to normal, but he didn’t get to celebrate Christmas like normal. It turns out his hospital visit was one of many for his family. Two other relatives are in the hospital with pneumonia.

“We didn’t really get to give him the attention he needed on Christmas Eve and Christmas because we were visiting at the hospitals. So later today we’re going to go buy Christmas presents,” Rathsack said.

Better late than never, and Rathsack never thought something like this would happen to them, which is why she has a message for other parents who think the same when it comes to the controversial soap pods.

“He’s a climber, so if you have climbers, put it definitely way above where you can’t reach it,” Rathsack said.

She says poison control told her a lot of kids are mistaking the detergent pods for candy. she says if your child has eaten one, take a towell and soak as much of the liquid out of their mouth and call Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 or 9-1-1


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  1. Eric Stiles says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that the little boy got sick. Not to be insensitive but when will people learn from others experiences. That mother should be ashamed of herself. First there have been many news stories on this subject. Second Instead of just “keeping them out of the reach of the children” they should be storing any and all chemical products in cabinets with child proof latches. My pity always goes out to the poor children who don’t know better but I have no pity for the parents. Additionally why is it the responsibility of the manufacturer? Would these irresponsible parents leave a box of rat poison on the counter then blame the manufacturer. When are Americans going to start accepting responsibility for their own actions?

    1. Courtney says:

      We are only human. These kinds of mistakes can happen to all of us. She is a great mom for acting fast and getting her little boy help!

  2. James Mark says:

    it says that on the package, but never mind, lesson learned, first hand.

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