Eugene Celebrates 150 Years

EUGENE, Ore. — After months of planning, the city of Eugene celebrated its 150th birthday Saturday in front of hundreds of its proud, joyous residents. The celebration at the Hult Center was complete with a cake and a birthday song, performed in part by Eugene’s Mayor Kitty Piercy. Mayor Piercy had another standout performance with the band The Sugar Beets.

Festivities kicked off with the dedication of the great blue heron statue and a decorated walk to the Hult Center. An encore of the popular Radio Redux show on the founding of Eugene was also performed.

“I think it’s wonderful to have an opportunity to think about our history, and I think really it’s just a time for people to take pride in their community and come together and really celebrate what a great place this is,” said Jan Bohman, City of Eugene Community Relations Director.

The celebration is not over. Head to the city’s website to see how you can party too.

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