Eugene Celebrates Day Of Peace

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EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene Mayor Kitty Piercy officially proclaimed September 21 as City of Peace Day.

Event organizers say the day of peace has been celebrated globally since 1981, and while many groups have recognized the day here in Eugene, on Friday at EWEB Plaza, it was made official.

About 100 people gathered at the EWEB fountain just before noon Friday where Mayor Piercy read the proclamation aloud. Shortly after, they all linked arms or joined hands for a moment of silence in the name of peace.

Not too far away, at O’Hara Catholic School, kids of all ages celebrated a little differently, decorating pinwheels with their visions of peace. Students have been doing this for years and say it’s a great way to teach about an important topic.

“You can’t start too young talking about peace, and there’s like a lot of violent stuff going on in the world out there today. So integrating peace is a good thing for our younger generation, because they’re our next generation. And if our next generation is peaceful, that’s really great,” said

About 520 pinwheels covered the front lawn of the school and will remain there for at least a week.

Most of the people participating in the celebration agreed that peace doesn’t always have to be associated with war or conflict. In fact, many said it’s more of a lifestyle choice and if everyone could agree on world peace, we’d all be better off.

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  1. musicman60 says:

    so now we have miss kitty and her litter box of fools spending more money they dont have on another celebration instead of doing her job there are important things like getting jobs for the americans who pay your big salery and things like geeting the freeloaders of the streets and out of town instead of spending money the city does not have i have lived here 60 years and in that time its getting wore and worse get with the program and i would love to have a sit down whith her hiness

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