Eugene Celebration Affects Businesses

EUGENE, Ore. — Food vendors inside the Eugene Celebration’s gates say business, as expected, is busy. But some local businesses inside the footprint say they’ve seen staggering sales. Most bars say their sales hover around the same or more, owners say likely because of loyal clientele, late hours, and of course celebration goers. But Voo-Doo Doughnut reports lower sales. They say their regulars don’t have access unless they pay the $15 ticket fee. This weekend staff took some orders at the gate.

“Small businesses should be allowed to function downtown the way they want to. I think the celebration is a great idea, but they really need to figure out how to accomodate small businesses,” said Robert Olson, Voo-Doo Doughnut shift manager. 

As of Sunday morning Voo-Doo’s position had been moved to right outside the Celebration’s gates. Event staff say they don’t know who made that decision. They say each year they evaluate the event, and make sure every voice involved is heard.

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