Eugene Charities Receive $50,000

EUGENE, Ore. — Many families are struggling to put a healthy meal on the dinner table. A national company recognized that need and lent a helping hand to two Eugene-based nonprofits. The Walmart Foundation presented FOOD for Lane County and the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition each with a check for $25,000.

FOOD for Lane County will use the money for emergency food distribution. The Willamette Farm and Food Coalition will use the grant to support its farm to school program, which helps educate kids in Lane County about where their food comes from and how it’s grown.

“We have a real need for financial support right now, and this grant will help support our program and make it possible for the coming year,” Megan Kemple of Willamette Farm and Food Coalition.

“It’s an incredibly generous grant, and we’re really excited to get it,” said Mike Drennan of FOOD For Lane County.

The money will also help get more locally grown food into school meals. Right now, the Willamette Farm and Food Coalition is working with four schools in the Eugene-Springfield area that have the highest percentage of students living in poverty, many of whom don’t have access to healthy food at home.

Through 2015, Walmart has pledged to give $2 billion in cash and in-kind contributions to help fight hunger in the U.S.

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