Eugene Chef Wins Top Honor

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene restaurant is getting some statewide recognition for having one of the best chefs in Oregon.

Jeff Strom is the man behind the menu at Koho Bistro in west Eugene. He’s also the new Iron Chef of Oregon.

Back in July, Strom won the Bite of Eugene. He was then invited to compete at the Bite of Oregon in Portland this last weekend.

Strom was up against four other chefs from across the state, including last year’s winner. Each contestant had 30 minutes to plan, prepare and serve an entree to a panel of judges.

Strom made it through the preliminaries and was soon competing for the title. But before the competition, he gave himself several pep talks.

“This is my turn. I’m going to do this. I’m going to win this. Didn’t really want to admit it to myself that I could and then just stuck with my game plan and pulled it off,” Strom said.

Strom’s been in the restaurant business for 20 years, cooking at Agate Alley and Agate Alley Laboratory.

He now owns Koho Bistro on Bailey Hill Road in west Eugene. He reopened it in 2011 after it closed under different owners in 2008. Strom kept the name but remodeled the restaurant’s interior and changed the menu.

Strom’s work isn’t done. Next year at the Iron Chef Oregon he’ll have to defend his title against some of the state’s best chefs.

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