Eugene Christian School Moves to New Location

EUGENE, Ore. — Normally the last day of school is spent out on the field for some fun, but this year everyone at Eugene Christian School decided to dedicate their time to an even greater cause–helping their school into a new home.

Staff, students and their families spent the entire day trying to pack 57 years worth of history. Some of it couldn’t be put in a box.

“I think what I will miss most out of everything is how much comfort we probably have. Just leaving the old building and all those memories that we made, there is gonna be a little bit hard, but it’s gonna be a really good change,” said sixth grader Savvy DiMercurio.

The school is moving from its old home on West Amazon to its new one on Chad Drive.

Students didn’t even mind giving up their end-of-the-year field day in exchange for one filled with boxes and packing tape.

“It’s really fun like to move locations from this little tiny school to a bigger school,” said sixth grader Jay Wymer.

Once the boxes were packed, they were loaded into trucks, cars, trailers and whatever was available to get them to their new home.

Even alumni volunteered to help with the move, reminding everyone of what strong relationships the school helped form.

“We’ve always thought of ourselves as like a family, and today that shows that that’s exactly true,” said Enrollment Coordinator and parent Becky Harrold.

“I’m extremely excited. I think it’s a wonderful opportunity for expansion, for renewal, for just a lot of exciting things to come,” said Principal Susan Baurer.

Staff say they’re especially excited for what the move will mean for a fellow school.

Ridgeline Montessori Charter School will take over Eugene Christian’s old location on Amazon Drive.

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