Eugene City Budget Approved

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene approved next year’s budget, raising more questions in the process.

Councilors turned to one-time funds as a way to offset a more than $5 million gap. Councilors gave their approval at Monday night’s meeting. The council had to come up with the money after voters turned down a city service fee in May.

Instead of cutting city services like, police and fire they turned to one-time funds that included budget reserves and PERS.

The next step is what councilors say will be challenging. They’re already planning for next year’s budget, which could include another shortfall. The process will likely include prioritizing city services and finding a way to make ends meet.

“That’s part of what this next six months and this budget process will come up with, ” said Eugene Councilor George Poling. “If not additional revenue, how are we going to make the big cuts that we’re going to take next year?”

The city has yet to finalize the dates for next year’s budget process, but the public will be included.

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