Eugene City Budget Unveiled

MoneyEUGENE, Ore. — Some library services are on the chopping block, now that the Eugene city budget has been unveiled.

The city is trying to fill a two and a half million dollar shortfall.

Councilor George Poling thinks the budget committee should make a recommendation to the Eugene City Council to put out a serial library levy to the voters. This would likely go on the November ballot.

Without a levy, he says the Sheldon branch will likely have to shut down. The downtown library would also have to trim one day of operations to a half day.

There aren’t any proposed cuts to police or fire this time around.

Poling though says cutting the Sheldon branch would affect a lot of people.

“For a lot of people it’s the only contact they have. A lot of people can’t, for whatever reason, come down to the main library,” Poling said.

Other cuts that came out of Tuesday night’s budget unveil include the reduction to some park maintenance and park programs.

City Manager Jon Ruiz says over the last couple of years the city has reduced its employees by more than a hundred, which means the city has fewer employees per population than it’s had in more than 35 years.

The situation though now seems a lot more optimistic than in years past. For instance, last year there was a more than $5 million gap, which led to a proposed city service fee that was ultimately voted down.

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