Eugene City Council Discusses Future

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EUGENE, Ore. — Last night, President Obama signed off on across-the-board budget cuts, leaving government at every level looking to find ways to save money. The Eugene City Council is already preparing for the changes.

For the past two days, the council has been working to identify the needs of the city in its annual workshop. After yesterday’s announcement of the federal budget cuts, the workshop came not a moment too soon.

Mayor Kitty Piercy said the city of Eugene will face many fiscal challenges in the coming year. Mayor Piercy says the city will also need to discuss whether or not cititzens will be willing to raise taxes to keep certain government services in place.

Despite news of the sequester, Piercy says Eugene has lots to look forward to, including a new health clinic for veterans and a revitalized downtown. According to her, the economy and balancing the budget will be a crucial part of moving forward in 2013.

“It’s all about coming out of this recession and getting enough revenue to help pay for the services that people need,” said Mayor Piercy.

The council voted earlier this week to end tax exemptions for multi-unit residences. That could be the first of some big changes to help the city make ends meet.

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  1. Postone says:

    This is an excerpt for this article: “For the past two days, the council has been working to identify the needs of the city in its annual workshop.”

    I certainly hope the first priority ( Eugene City Counsel) is to put everyone under a roof and food to eat who doesn’t already have one. (Homeless) Of course the most vulnerable of the homeless would be children who do NOT have a place to live and many times not enough to eat….

    There is NOT one thing that is more important than stopping the needless suffering of our fellow human beings! We’re all the same (at least in my mind) no one deserves any more or any less than the next person.

    After we fix the above than we can move on to other things…

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