Eugene City Hall Stays at Current Site

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EUGENE, Ore. — City hall will remain in the heart of downtown. What it looks like, however, is still up for debate.

The old city hall site is boarded up now, but Wednesday we learned it will remain the site for the future city hall.

This decision didn’t appease everyone, but councilors can agree it’s a decision that can’t be entered in lightly.

The interest is high and councilors know the decision they make on how to proceed with future city hall will affect many generations to come.

“Whatever way we go, I think the people of Eugene can be confident that their leaders have thought about this decision very carefully, and knowing some will like it and some won’t, they can at least say they got their the right way,” said Chris Pryor, Eugene City Councilor.

With that said, council voted to take the EWEB option off the table. It seemed most agreed the current site keeps city hall in the heart of downtown. At the same time, it still was followed by some concern from Councilman Mike Clark.

“I do believe one day folks with look at the opportunity we had and say what were they thinking,” he said.

With the options narrowed down to build new on the current sight or renovate, some thought councilors would vote Wednesday. Instead, they are asking for more information on those two options, holding off on a vote until the new year.

“They were kind of split over the two and I thought a little more conversation, get everybody on the same page so we can all move forward together,” said Kitty Piercy, Mayor of Eugene.

“I thought we were going to make a decision today, but it seems we have just come together to take one of the options off the table and I think that is unfortunate,” Clark said.

Mayor Piercy says waiting until January won’t affect the long-term timeline for a new city hall, which still sits at about two years.

“We want a city hall that people can be proud of that is a place where decisions are made but also a place where people feel a connection to,” Piercy said.

Mayor Piercy says she wants to make sure other things are taken into account, like whether a community room, a cultural center, even a farmers market connection could be added into these two options.

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