Eugene Commission Discusses Cell Tower

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Planning Commission discussed the possibility Monday of adding an AT&T tower to Oakway Golf Course. Neighbors of the area have been noticeably upset by the plan, but nevertheless the planning commission still plans to move forward.

The Eugene residents who packed into the Atrium building came to hear the planning commission discuss plans to add the cell tower at the golf course.

The commission initially approved the plan, but neighbors filed an appeal and sent the decision back to the commission.

Despite the complaints, the group ultimately concluded the plan for the tower met every guideline in the city code.

“The policies are generally broad and aspirational, so we really have to dive in and figure out what does this mean in the context of a cell tower,” said Steve Ochs, Eugene Associate Planner.

The planning commission still needs to vote on putting a tower at Oakway Golf Course, but that vote could come as soon as early March.

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  1. don jones says:

    well, i am sure those who object can line the walls of their homes and their hats with tin foil.

    “and the worms ate into their brains”

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