Eugene Conducts Animal Waste Study

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene is offering a bit of incentive with the hopes dog owners will clean up after their pets.

Despite signs at dog parks asking pet owners to clean up after their pets, many are not.

The city and a local veterinarian recently took more than 80 samples of waste at Amazon Dog Park. During the two-day study, they say up to 10 percent had parasites. That ends up in local waterways.

A local dog owner says that while she doesn’t consider it a big concern at local dog parks, it has caught her attention.

“I think it’s more hiking trails, because there it’s more annoying. We hike with him a lot too. You’re out there and you’re two miles out, and you have that plastic bag and you’re carrying it around with you the whole time,” said dog owner Amy Durbin.

The city is asking people to take a pledge to clean up after their pets and throw the waste in the garbage. It’s called Canines for Clean Water. For those that pledge they will receive a free bandana.

For those that take a picture of their dog in the bandana, the city will put it on its online photo display.

Photo courtesy of the City of Eugene.

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  1. ahshucks says:

    I guess they found a job they were qualified for.

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