Eugene Councilors Explore New Fee

EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council made its first move toward finding a solution to ease budget concerns.

The city manager pitched adding a $10 monthly service fee for all residents at Monday’s work session. The city’s projecting a multi-million dollar budget gap and the new fee would go to help offset potential cutbacks.

“We’re now saying is it time to begin to talk about some revenue generating options that could then help to stave off some of these additional cuts,” Councilor Chris Pryor said. “Anytime you talk about revenue, that’s always going to be a challenging discussion.”

The city manager was quick to point out concessions already made in years past, including slashing the budget $24 million in four years and the elimination of more than 100 positions.

If approved, the money would be used for fire and EMS, human services, economic development and library services.

Councilors pushed for further exploration of the new fee.

Ultimately, it may be on the May ballot.

Councilors would have to make that decision in the next month.


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  1. Doug says:

    That sounds about right: instead of staying within their budget, they will just charge all residents additional fees.

    When will our city manager and the city council learn???? STAY WITHIN YOUR BUDGET. IF YOU CAN’T STAY INSIDE YOUR BUDGET, YOU WILL GET VOTED OUT NEXT ELECTION.

    Come on voters: it’s up to you to get people in office that will get things done within the budget! If we have to do it, then why can’t they????

  2. Phillis says:

    I have lived in Eugene all my life. I watched the stupidity of closing off Eugene streets that went through a thriving downtown and managing to drive out Bon Marche and lots of other businesses due to no parking and no access and no shoppers…millions of dollars spent on turning streets into cobbles stones and benches for those who had no intention of shopping but merely hanging out, or playing hacky sack, skateboarding or even some drug dealing, which in turn drove all the shoppers away from town and to the malls. Then millions and millions of dollars were spent trying to undo that stupidity and to attempt to lure people back to downtown. Too late, we have huge thriving malls we can go to and avoid parking fees and parking garages and with many more shops all in one place.
    I think it’s ludicrous that Eugene “officials” think that Eugene citizens should pay for all the mistakes that were made, trying to recover the money wasted on foolishness. Any one in their right mind would know that in Eugene where it rains most of the year that closing off downtown and forcing people to walk long distances in the rain wasn’t going to work. That’s fine for California towns where the worst weather you usually encounter is fog on the coast, towns where you can have outdoor cafes and musicians and cute little shops lined up one after the other. But that’s not Eugene, that’s not Oregon.
    As it is, Eugene has added its own city gas tax to already high gasoline prices, Eugene Water and Electric has raised its rates by 30% recently, and we will soon be charged a mandatory five cents for every tissue paper quality paper bag to take our groceries out (other cities left the charge optional, but not Eugene). And now you want all the businesses and homes to pay you $120.00 a year for the privilege of living with the mistakes you have made to our town. If your intent is to drive people out of Eugene and into Springfield, keep up the good work, you’re doing a fine job of that.

  3. Tombstone7 says:

    I don’t agree with the services identified to increase funding of the implementation of the storm water fees (i.e.tax). Human Services, Economic Development and Library sound more like the City Manager and Councilors are lighting up a Christmas tree. Since when are these services critical to the storm water systems. I can understand EMS and Fire Department, but not the aforementioned ones. Commerical developers and homebuilders are already assessed system development fees and given the industy slow growth in the development, thanks to this very same Council, what is the need for an additional $120? Please show and tell the public that no staff was increased and the money was spent directly related to the services required.

    Also, I would be more impressed if the Councilors, who are now compensated buy their own meals whenever they meet in public. They can all afford to do so and please do not say that it won’t help close the gap. Share the pain! When others families can’t afford to buy lunches for their kids, they adjust and have the kids bring their lunches from home. I am tired of paying for meals so that these out of touch Councilors can tax me.

    One more cost reduction measure is to implement a “hiring freeze.’ Eugene does not have a revenue problem, Eugene has a spending problem!

  4. Ron says:

    I think the whole council should be tared and feathered then their hands cut off then hung tic
    Ba sta rds!!!!!!!!!

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