Eugene Counts Trail and Path Users

EUGENE, Ore. — You may have seen them on your jog or ride Tuesday. About 30 city of Eugene employees and volunteers were on paths and bike lanes to count people using them.

It’s part of a path user census.

Every year, the city conducts a count of bikers, walkers and other path users.

City employees and volunteers act as counters who stand on paths all over town and tally every person who uses the path from 7-9 a.m. and 5-6 p.m.

This year marks about five years of collecting data this way.

Lee Shoemaker, the city’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, says after this year’s collection, they should have enough data to compile and evaluate the patterns in bike path usage around Eugene.

“We have some goals in our Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to double the number of people walking and biking in the next 20 years, and so we have some baseline data so we can do it over time to see if we’re reaching our goals,” Shoemaker said.

While Shoemaker says they haven’t made any official conclusions yet, he does see the bike and ped trend is on an incline.

At his post Tuesday morning at 15th Avenue and Willamette Street, Shoemaker counted 284 people on the path.

Shoemaker says the data comes from 35 locations.

More counters will be out next week, and if you would like to be a counter, contact Shoemaker at (541) 682-5471.

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