Eugene Crash Causes Sewer Cleanout

EUGENE, Ore. — A crash near the University of Oregon campus forced crews to clean out the sewers.

Firefighters say two cars collided near East 13th Avenue and Patterson Street, knocking one car on its side.

The crash also leaked fluids into the sewer drains. The Eugene Fire Department used kitty litter to try and absorb what it could. Crews on the scene said it was a messy problem, but the incident could have been much worse.

“We’re pretty fortunate that we didn’t have any serious injuries as a result of it. Nobody required transport to the hospital,” said Chief Mark Grover, Eugene Fire Department.

Eugene Public Works vacuumed the car fluids out of the storm drain to prevent them from getting to the water supply.

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  1. jason marks says:

    The larger question is:

    I’m quite familiar with campus, traffic, pedestrian, bicycles….

    WHY is anyone driving that fast into an intersection to tip over a van.

    That is ridiculous, someone could have been killed!

    I had driven thru that intersection moments before this happened and was there to see the aftermath.

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