Eugene Double Murder Trial Wednesday

2-19 GILLETTE MUGEUGENE, Ore. — A double murder trial is scheduled for Wednesday at the Lane County Courthouse for the Eugene man accused of killing his own father and his father’s girlfriend.

Johan Gillette, 38, faces aggravated murder charges and could face the death penalty. He’s accused of killing his father, James Gillette and his father’s domestic partner, Ann McLucas. McLucas was a retired former dean of the University of Oregon.

The couple was found September 7th, 2012 in Jim Gillette’s home, Johan Gillette lived in a trailer behind the house. Both are believed to have died from blows to the head from a heavy object.

We’ll have more much Wednesday night starting at KEZI 9 News at 5.

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  1. Ron says:

    Must have been self defense… did you see how powerful looking the 2 victims were?? tic

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