Eugene Eighth Graders Competing in DC

WIND TURBINE KIDSEUGENE, Ore. — Three Eugene eighth graders are taking flight Thursday to compete in a nation-wide competition.

The students from Prairie Mountain School are headed to Washington DC to compete in the KidWind challenge.

They’re bringing along a scale model wind turbine that’s getting tested for how much energy it generates. The trip is funded by EWEB and officials from EWEB are just as excited as the students.

“I’m looking forward to the competition and just seeing all the tourism things that are there for me to do,” said Nathan Edwards, an eighth grader and member of the team.

“They are so excited and they don’t even know what they’re about to see so, I am very excited to hear about everything when they get back. It’s going to be life-changing for these kids,” said Cathy Bechen, EWEB grant coordinator.

The team beat 20 other teams at a district-wide KidWind competition earlier this year.


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