Eugene Emeralds Welcome Guest Mascot

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EUGENE, Ore. — There’s not just one fun opportunity for Eugene Emeralds baseball fans, but two!

Sluggo has a special guest at PK Park this weekend. His name is Reggy.

What’s different about him from other mascots is that he talks. He actually spends most of his time on the East Coast, but he’s been here in the Northwest the last few nights entertaining fans and looking for a sasquatch, which explains his excellent set of tools.

“I’ve got my plunger! You just never know. I’ve got a squeegy. If you make a mess, it’s important you clean it up,” Reggy said.

Best of all, and probably most important, Reggy has a large net.

Reggy has been doing this for 14 years and says Eugene is one of his favorite stops. His appearance Friday night is sort of a cameo. Saturday night, the show is entirely his.

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