Eugene Faces Potential Firework Ban

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon’s record dry weather could put a stop to fireworks fun for some Eugene residents this summer, fire marshals warned Monday.

The Eugene area is still about 15-and-a-half inches behind on rain this year so far, which is leading to obstacles with backyard burning, wildfires season, and now fireworks.

Fire marshals are looking into limiting the use of fireworks in the South Hills, Spencer and Skinner buttes, and Willagillespie areas. They could possibly limit fireworks for the rest of the city too. They say unless weather conditions change dramatically, they won’t have a choice putting the ban in place.

“We have that area of the south hills has that’s very dry and has that urban wildlife interface area, where things are more difficult in the event we do have a wildland fire. So we’re just keeping an eye on those conditions, knowing we’re coming into an even dryer season,” said Amy Linder, Deputy Fire Marshall for Eugene-Springfield Fire.

Fire marshals plan to make a decision by June 24, depending on weather conditions.

Regardless of whether the ban goes into effect or not, fireworks vendors will still be allowed to sell because they’ve already received permits for the season.


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  1. Dale says:

    What difference does it make, as the police don’t enforce laws against illegal fireworks anyway. They simply hope people “respect” their neighbors, and the law.

  2. hightide6096 says:

    Eugene is business as usual on the forth of July with fireworks. Understand no fireworks in the surrounding hills but Even with a limited ban on the use of fireworks,There stil going to shoot off fireworks Armageddon.

  3. drolma says:

    Great idea since I live near the forest area and trail head for the Ridgeline and Amazon Headwaters…..I really wish you could enforce not setting fireworks off out here. Scares the wildlife, ie deer and turkeys, and all as well as being a fire threat.

    I wonder how they’d do that even?

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