Eugene Food Cart Vandalized

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene food cart owner lost hundreds of dollars due to vandals. Now police are asking for your help to catch the culprit.

Wrap City owner Jessica Thomason says since she opened up her food cart in Kesey Square about six months ago, business has boomed. But when she came to work on Monday, her business took a big hit.

“We had some vandals come and pull out the chord and do extensive damage to that and the plug-in, and so we lost all of our product and a day’s business, which was pretty devastating,” Thomason said.

The cost of the product alone was estimated at $800.

“We are just microbusinesses and we are just getting by barely, and so when something like that happens it’s really a hit on us,” said the owner of Taylor’s Chuck Wagon.

Thomason says she’s pretty sure she knows who did this.

“There were people using my cart for power after I was closed down and I cut that power off and it upset them,” Thomason said.

“We have spoke to them and they have denied any involvement and, and without having someone see the incident and or confess to it there’s really nothing we have to on,” said Tonee Webber, Downtown Public Safety Program Manager.

That’s why police want anyone who saw suspicious activity around the cart over the weekend to contact them.

“It was a criminal mischief,” Webber said.

It seems though this crime has come wrapped with a silver lining.

“People are putting $50 bills in that tip jar and filling it up every single day,” Thomason said. “There have been a lot of tears shed seeing these wonderful people who work very hard all day putting their hard earned money in here to fight illegal activity downtown.”

Thomason says because of those tips she almost recouped the lost cost from the vandalism.

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  1. buddhaprays says:

    so much for a hate free zone. Eugene Occupy should fit the bill for the vandalism.

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