Eugene Helicopter Tool Company Expands

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene-based Heli-Tech has been in business for 21 years. It’s a company that’s found its niche in the world market for helicopter tools. And even in this down economy, it just keeps growing.

David Weil started Heli-Tech more than 20 years ago out of his garage. Since then, he’s bought three companies and has just bought a fourth.

At Heli-Tech in southwest Eugene, machinists make maintenance tools and support equipment for helicopters and airplanes.

Business is good there–so good that Weil needs more space. He’s building a 12,000 square feet building to hold inventory and make room for his latest purchase.

Weil just bought Can-Am, a company in Southern California that makes remote cargo hooks for helicopters. Weil says it’s a perfect fit and a great way to expand his business, especially in this economy.

“There’s a lot of companies that are struggling. They’re cutting back, laying people off, and so on and so forth, and somehow we’ve managed to at least hold our own and even push ahead a little bit and grow,” Weil said.

Weil says the helicopter industry is growing and North America is a hub for helicopter growth.

With the purchase of Can-Am, Heli-Tech will now make cargo hooks for logging, medical emergencies and military operations, among other things.

Weil has 20 employees right now, from machinists to engineers. With the expansion, he plans to add five more employees.

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