Eugene Holds Rezoning Open House

EUGENE, Ore. — A complex zoning code may be preventing businesses from setting up shop on Chad Drive in Eugene.

The city’s looking at simplifying the code in order to attract more businesses to the area.

A senior planner with the city says some tenants have read the code and become very confused. It seems some things that stick out are restrictions on office use and outdoor storage.

The city held an open house Monday evening to allow neighbors and business owners to give their input on the code.

If you drive down Chad Drive you will notice a lot of vacant lots. The city says a tenant was looking at bringing in an 80,000-square-foot office complex, but after reading the zoning restrictions opted out. The city says it’s a great area with exposure to I-5.

“This is a big area for jobs for the City of Eugene, and we cannot afford to have it go vacant and sit there. We need to find a way to encourage the businesses that want to expand in our community to use this land,” said Tim Harding, Eugene Senior Planner.

You may recall the VA just announced it’s coming to Chad Drive. The city says this is great timing, and it’s glad it chose that spot.

The information from this open house will be taken to the planning commission.

The next step will be to develop some proposals on how to change the code. Then it will fall in the hands of the city council, and there will be public hearings.

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