Eugene Homeowner Finds Burglar

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene resident returned home Monday night to find someone burglarizing his house.

Police say the homeowner then confronted Jeremy Lauriguet at his house on Jefferson Street. The 33-year-old took off running. Officers found him an hour later drinking three blocks away.

He faces numerous charges, including robbery, theft and possession of cocaine.


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  1. Dave says:

    This guy is the poster boy for the new Eugene. Until the City, and of course Springfield, tackle and solve their problems with hard drug using criminals (particularly meth heads), this story will continue to repeat itself over and over again.

    1. vetzero says:

      I fully agree…110 %

  2. vetzero says:

    This is a ‘bad one’…drinkin, probably druggin…wanted on a warrant for carrying a gun after former conviction of a felony…and burglarizing and who knows what else….in broad daylight…..probably has a rap sheet as long as my arm.

    It is precisely THESE kind of beings I’m so bent out of shape about.

    ‘This’ guy is just one reason WHY people, including me, are so upset.

    THIS is the reason those ‘Glock Neighborhoods’ are showing up more. You see it on EPD’s police log web site belonging to the Register-Guard all the time….if anyone is paying attention…or cares at all.

    THIS is why we need to support law enforcement, get them their equipment, hire more of them….the need is NOW, not after we’re overrun with these types in our neighborhoods.

    Good stop, EPD.

    Let’s find a deep hole to throw this cretin in and keep him there till we can get him to Salem….to do TIME.

    1. don jones says:

      well, go shoot the guy then, you and your glock neighborhood. We’ll see you in prison.
      Crime happens all the time.

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