Eugene Housing Restrictions

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EUGENE, Ore. — It can be tempting for college students to cram into one place, to try to save money.

But how many is too many?

And when does it break city code?

The city code is as follows: up to five people who are unrelated can live in a house, whether it’s one bedroom or three.

That means as many as five people could live together, share on big bedroom and it wouldn’t break code.

But property managers can enforce their own rules for the number of people who can share each bedroom.

If someone is breaking code the city says someone must file a complaint, because they’re not able to check every house.

Students say packing too many people in one place isn’t a smart move.

“If nobody complains they might be living in houses where they just don’t space for themselves and that’s really really dangerous for people,” said Rhiannon Springall, student.

There is one exception to the code: fraternities and sororities since they have enough rooms to house more than five unrelated people.

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