Police Launch Campaign for Road Safety

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EUGENE, Ore. — The foot traffic is heavy every day downtown and at the University of Oregon. That’s why Eugene Police hit those busy streets with one message Tuesday.

“There are certain rules out there that everybody has to abide by, and whether you’re a pedestrian, bicyclists or vehicle operator, if you abide by those rules, then nobody’s going to get hurt,” said Sgt. Jim Ball of the Eugene Police Department.

Simeon Teo Paco, a bicyclist and Eugene resident, says he can relate to some of those rules.

“Riding my bike, cars have definitely gotten really close or honked at me because I was on the road and I wasn’t going fast enough for them. I’m on a bicycle, and they’re in a car,” said Paco.

Paco believes the campaign is something good for the community.

“Eugene is a very pedestrian-friendly city, so I think any education awareness would benefit a lot because there’s a lot of activity outside, especially in the summer months,” said Paco.

But as people walk around in the warm weather, Eugene Police and Eugene Public Works want pedestrians to act responsibly on the streets.

“Public Works has really wanted to stress the fact that there are crosswalks at every intersection, and that holds true for us. We believe in that, and it’s the law,” said Sgt. Ball.

Police say the focus of the campaign was on crosswalks, but that doesn’t mean it’s targeting just pedestrians because everyone needs to be safe.

“Having the awareness to follow more of the rules and safety road rules for bicyclists and pedestrians and cars is something that is definitely needed because I’ve seen close calls a lot,” said Paco.

Though the campaign only happened on Tuesday, Public Works hopes that the impact lasts much longer.

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