Eugene Launches Dog Licensing Campaign

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene is trying to promote awareness about dog licensing in the city, as staff estimate only 40 percent of the city’s dogs are properly registered.

The campaign features well-known local residents and their dogs. Staff members hope having them out in the community will help spread the word that licensing your dog is a benefit to owners, pets, and animal welfare funds in Eugene.

“It actually helps animal welfare officers help find your dog faster, and the money generated goes to support Eugene’s lost, injured and abused animals,” said Kelly Darnell, Interim Animal Services Manager.

The average cost of licensing a dog is $15 a year. The city’s goal is to double its licensed dog population by the end of the campaign.

Click here for more information on how to license your dog.

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  1. kelly says:

    back east they would just go door to door and knock. If the dogs barking weren’t licensed, the owners were fined. That being said, I think dog licenses are stupid. There’s no real benefit in my opinion unless the fees go directly to dog parks or animal rescues.

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