Eugene Library Prepares for Birthday

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EUGENE, Ore. — Books–they’re what you expect to find at any library.

Ten years ago, the new Eugene Public Library opened downtown at 10th and Olive.

Opening additional room for computers, a larger children’s section, DVDs and CDs, and yes, more books–500,000 books.

Library Director Connie Bennett was hired shortly before the library reopened and is looking forward to celebrating 10 years.

“It’s a moment to stop and remember where we started from and it took a lot to get here,” Bennett said.

Bennett says the library has grown. In most cases, the numbers have doubled.

At the old location, it received about 610,000 visits per year. Now there are 1.4 million, about 4,000 visitors every day.

Its annual operating budget has also doubled from $5.2 million to $10.3 million. The figures include donations–money that is used to bring in authors, children’s programs and cultural entertainment, programs, along with day-to-day services which have gained national recognition.

The Eugene Library is a designated Star Library.

“We’re in the top 3-percent in the country with how efficient we are and how effective we work,” Bennett said.

Three years in a row it received this prestigious honor. The library has become a centerpiece for the community, for learning and gathering. Friday night at 6 p.m., another reason to come to the library is free cake and live music to celebrate 10 years.

Everyone will be invited to take their picture here declaring their love of the library. It will be used on the libraries social media sites.

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  1. Robert Jacobs says:

    I have send many emails over the years about the extreme heat in that Library! Why in the world would you people want it to be so warm?

    I see fans at the reference desks through out the library! Just about everyone thinks its way too warm in there yet you guys continue to leave it that way, why?

    I don’t want an email from you making excuses about this and that or that this is a climate controlled building, or that you are conserving energy, I’ve heard it all before!

    I drove by the library on Christmas day at 0800 and every single light was on!!! And no, there was no one in that library on the floors I could see! You waste a ton of money lighting that building when no one is in it but you won’t keep at a reasonable temp when people are in it!?!

    I bet you that your office isn’t too warm EVER! So I ask you; are you special? Are the people who work and go to the library not worth it?

    Why don’t just one of you do the right thing just once and set the temp at 68 degrees.(Actually with the people and the machines in that library you would have to set the temp lower as to maintain 68 degrees.) That way you can say I actually did the right thing if only once!

    I realize my tone isn’t the best, but I’ve been down this road before, and frankly I’m sick of it!!

    Turn the air-conditioning on, or turn down the damn heat!

    Robert Jacobs

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