Eugene Looks for City Hall Options

EUGENE, Ore. — The city of Eugene is looking at three options when it comes to deciding how to move forward with a new city hall space.

Everyone is moved out of city hall right now and scattered around downtown. Now the city has to figure out what to do next.

The first option is to use what works here with some selective demolition. The second is to tear down and build new from the ground up. The third is the city is looking at whether it could partner with EWEB to move to the administration building. Those three options come with a $15 million price tag for the phase one.

A subcommittee met Wednesday to discuss these options. It says the rebuild option comes with the least risk and it may be cheaper to add space in spaces.

The EWEB option though might provide for full consolidation without new construction. The build new option allows for the opportunity to fix all problems with the existing building. That one may come with a heftier price tag though when phase 2 — build out is complete.

“Both the rebuild and the build new result in 20 to 25,000 square feet of finished space that provides council space council meeting room offices for the city manager office and, and associated meeting rooms,” said Mike Penwell, City Design and Construction Manager.

The EWEB option is only in the preliminary conversation phase. The subcommittee plans to tour the facility sometime soon.

Just to put this into perspective, the entire process from design to construction will likely be two years, so city leaders won’t see a new home for quite some time.

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