Eugene Looks Foward to New VA Clinic

EUGENE, Ore. — The City of Eugene is looking forward to a new veterans clinic to be built in town.

The site is currently an empty field, and construction will begin there next year.

The new clinic will have a mental health lab, pharmacy, surgical, and diagnostic service units. It’s expected to replace the River Avenue clinic. Right now the smaller clinics in Eugene do not offer all of those services, so veterans instead have to drive to Roseburg or Portland for health care.

For the mayor of Eugene, having a clinic like this built in town will help boost the economy.

“This feels very good to us because we’re still coming out of a pretty tough economic time, and so this is really good news for us, and we’ll just keep on moving forward and this is just one good step in that direction,” said Kitty Piercy, Eugene Mayor.

Local veterans say they’re excited for the new clinic to open because they’re hoping it’ll mean fewer trips down to the VA hospital in Roseburg.

The projected timeline for the clinic to open up is the spring of 2015.

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