Eugene Man Arrested for Arson

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is behind bars, accused of setting his own home on fire.

Police said, Cedrik Shanahan, was still on the scene when crews arrived.

Investigators said Shanahan set fire to his house on Van Buren street in Eugene.

They said Shanahan told them he started the fire with gasoline and a match, which was consistent with evidence found.

Police said he told them he started the fire because of emotional turmoil in his life. He’s currently separated from his wife until recently, the house was up for sale.

Arson detectives said the flames were big and very dangerous, posing a threat to neighboring homes because of the dry conditions this time of year.

“It was hot enough and burned long enough that the flames escaped the house so we’re fortunate neighbors’ homes weren’t harmed,” said Chris White, arson detective with Eugene Police.

Police say the Eugene Fire Department responded quickly and was able to contain the fire.

Shanahan’s wife was not home at the time of the fire.

Police say Shanahan will be charged with arson.

There were kittens in the home but he removed them prior to the fire so they are unharmed.

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  1. ALF says:

    TG! People start taking their frustrations out on personal property rather than on the innocent lives of humans & animals!

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