Eugene Man Creates Mason Jar Koozies

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EUGENE, Ore. — A new Eugene company is taking to the Web and road in hopes of raising the funds needed to produce a special koozie.

The Mason-ry koozie, made out of silicone is designed to perfectly fit a pint size Mason jar and take on anything modern man can throw it at, including a microwave, a dishwasher or just plain ol’ concrete.

It’s extremely durable, something its makers say is key to reducing our amount of waste these days.

“Owning less things that last longer is really in my mind the way to being more sustainable. So in this case, I tried to use the best product that would last the longest and durable and pair it with something that’s the most versatile,” said Eric Harvey, Mason-ry founder.

The founder is currently on a road trip to promote the Kickstarter campaign, which ends Aug. 8.

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