Eugene Man Evaluates U.S. Syrian Plan

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man closely watched President Obama’s address Tuesday night regarding Syria.

The President said he’s exploring whether a Russian proposal to put Syria’s chemical weapons under international control might work. However the administration will continue to seek congressional support for an attack.

Armen Kevrekian watched the President’s speech intently at Ambrosia Restaurant in downtown Eugene. He grew up in Syria and says he has many friends still there and they’re stuck in an extremely dangerous situation.

Kevrekian called the president’s speech a great breakthrough. He says at least attempting to solve this through the diplomacy gets us off the hook from using the military.

“What the Syrian people need is food. Kids need milk. Kids need medicine. Not more guns and more tomahawk missiles. They are tired of that,” said Kevrekian.

He also stressed the importance of holding off on even a limited strike. He says once you green-light even a small mission, you never know how the opposition will respond.

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