Eugene Man Shoots Police with Paintballs

EUGENE, Ore. — When responding to a disturbance call, Eugene Police say a man came out of a home and fired up to 50 paintballs at them.

The standoff happened around 5:30 p.m. Sunday evening at the 800 block of West 4th Avenue. Officers say Mitchell Levi Ellingson, 49, fired a paintball gun from the porch and front door of the home striking two officers in the upper body and head.

They say Ellingson was intoxicated. Witnesses say he made statements about “committing suicide by cop”.

After about a half  hour, police were able to take Ellingson to a hospital for a mental evaluation and then to the Lane County Jail.


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  1. gino says:

    And he is still alive? Guess those two officers would rather be carried by six than judged by twelve.

  2. Dave Lane says:

    I applaud the officers involved for handling this situation so well. They showed excellent judgment and restraint. Something like this could easily, and understandably, have resulted in officers returning fire to protect themselves and other civilians in the area before realizing that the gun aimed at them was not actually a firearm. With the echoes of Chris Kilcullen’s murder still lingering in our community, the officers who responded to this situation, and the rest of the Eugene Police department deserve credit for the professional and caring way they have continued to watch over its citizens in spite of the dangers they face every day. This could, so easily, have gone very badly for Mr. Ellingson.
    Many thanks to our men and women in Blue.

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