Eugene Marathon Expo Opens

EUGENE, Ore. — Runners from all over the country raced into the Lane Events Center Friday to get the first look at products offered at this year’s vendor expo.

Since the time the doors opened, there’s been a very steady crowd of runners flooding in to see what companies from all over the country have to offer.

Before runners began racing into the expo, vendors set up their booths to showcase various products. For one company–Picky Bars–this is where it all began.

The Eugene Marathon helped it launch.

Two professional runners launched their gluten and dairy-free protein bars at a Eugene Marathon expo.

“It was two years ago–2011–and we were total amateurs ’cause we had never been at an expo. Our product was really new,” said Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce and Lauren Fleshman. “It’s really grown a lot, and it’s been super fun.”

Runners crowded around the Picky Bar booth to taste the different flavors the company offers. Not only did the athletes taste test various food products, they also got to learn about different running styles.

“We teach runners and walkers how to work more with gravity, so the runners are leaning a bit more. We talk about arm swing. We talk about landing more lightly,” said Keith McConnell, Chi Running Instructor.

Even for companies based out of state, one vendor keeps coming back because runners in Eugene show a general interest in their massage tools.

“We just really enjoy coming here because we have such a great support from the community,” said Spring Gaussett of Tiger Tail.

For runners, the expo is a one stop shop for all things running.

“We have 45 vendors in here that are all sports related or running related,” said Richard Maher, Marathon Director.

Some booths sold compression socks and running clothes, while others advertised for future marathons.

And for Picky Bars, returning to where it all started has also become quite a tradition.

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