Eugene Mayor Gives State of City Address

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EUGENE, Ore. — Mayor Kitty Piercy gave her annual State of the City Address Wednesday night. This was also an especially memorable moment for the mayor. It marks her ninth year and third term in office.

In the speech, she spoke on many things, specifically recognizing the city’s accomplishments over her time in office, as well as providing a glimpse into what was in store for the City of Eugene in 2013.

Just minutes before things started, folks continued to file in. They stood in the aisles, sat on the stairs, and some guests even laid on the floor to make sure they could hear the mayor’s address. She started her speech with a reflection of past accomplishments, including repairs.

Voters passed two five-year road bonds to repair more streets than ever in the history of the city.

Piercy also talked about stimulation of economic growth through support of local business and redevelopment of downtown.

“I think those holes in our downtown were sort of symbolic of our economic distress, so I think getting those holes filled with wonderful, productive beautiful buildings is not only important in terms of them being there but important to what it means to the well-being and how we’re doing as a community,” Piercy said.

After 30 minutes in the past, it was time to project to the future.

“The city needs to pursue the reenergization of downtown. It’s a project that’s begun, but it’s certainly not completed,” said resident Bob Hart.

The mayor plans on continuing work there as well as with the city’s economy and improving issues of public service and safety.

“I think some people have to reckon with is that the work of the city is never done,” Piercy said.

So while the list of achievements read Wednesday night was substantial, there is still much to do.

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