Eugene Mission’s Historic Truck for Sale

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene Mission is preparing for major changes next month.

The nonprofit is eliminating its long-standing newspaper recycling program, which is no longer making a profit. June 15 is the last day.

Crews will pick up the 1,000 red boxes or you can keep them for a $50 donation.

But there’s another big change. Sitting in storage, just waiting to go for a ride is a classic beauty–a 1954 Chevy pickup 3600 restored and ready to roll.

Many people might remember this truck cruising the streets. It’s the Eugene Mission’s first newspaper recycling truck. The purchase price was $2,125. It’s put many miles on the road and finally retired in 1979.

“It did its duty for many years. It’s a great remembrance of, I think, of all the beautiful people that have donated and supported the mission,” said Jack Tripp, Eugene Mission Executive Director.

Now this truck is about to give the Eugene Mission its last ride. An on-line auction kicks off June 1 and will run through the end of the month.

Money raised will fund the new Life Change program to providing qualifying residents with housing, life skills training and spiritual growth. The program will start August 1.  This truck could be the key. Ten-thousand dollars is the minimum bid, but Tripp is optimistic.

“We kind of leave it up to God to decide, but $25,000 to support the new Life Change program. We are hoping. We are praying that somebody has it in their heart to provide us with the monies through the sale of this truck,” Tripp said.

Mint green and in mint condition, this truck is history on wheels. If you’re looking for cruising, this classic truck could be yours. To place a bid, drop off a written one to the Eugene Mission or email DanaE@eugenemission.org by Sunday, June 30 at 4 p.m.

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