Eugene Mulls Changes to Skateboard Laws

EUGENE, Ore. — City leaders ramped up efforts that could lead to the change of several of its skateboard and bicycle laws.

The city held an open house Monday night where it outlined three proposals. One would allow certain bikes that have motors on off street paths.

Another proposal could expand the no sidewalk riding zone for bicycles and skateboards.

“I’m here because I want them to enforce the law they have,” said Eugene resident Susan Connolly. “It would be nice if the boundry would were larger. If they would just enforce the one they have.”

The third idea would give skateboarders the same rights bicyclists have, allowing people to ride them on city streets. Currently they’re only allowed on the street when crossing.

“Many times I’ve passed up bicycles on my longboard and I feel like we should have the same rights as bicyclists,” said Eugene resident Thomas Newman.

“We’re traveling speeds comparable to bicyclists, we should be in the same locations at bicyclists which is usually in the street or in a bike lane,” said Cory Poole, with the NW Skate Coalition.

This type of reaction was exactly what the city of Eugene was hoping to hear.

“In a couple of months I think we’ll know how we want to move forward,” said Lee Shoemaker, Eugene Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinator. “If we want to move forward with them, we’ll have to take them to the city council to have the laws changed.”

If you’d like to weigh in, email Shoemaker at lee.shoemaker@ci.eugene.or.us

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  1. Sheila Coats says:

    Skateboarders all ready ride where ever they want and no one does anything about it. Bicyclists ride on the sidewalks down town and no one does anything about it. Why are you wasting our tax dollars to put something into law when you don’t do anything about it. Here is a solution, put stop signs on every corner so the cars, buses and truck will stop, since they are the only ones who follow the law or they get a ticket. Who pays for all the streets in town? Hmmm, I wonder what that tax is on gas and where does it go and who uses it. The police dept. does nothing to cite the people who break the law. I have seen bike riders run red lights, stop signs, come out of side streets and make cars slam on their brakes with police cars right there. I drove a school bus for 9 years and have seen this. I even know that they pick up someone from one school and take them to another,

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