Eugene Oil Change Crew to Compete

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EUGENE, Ore. — We all want our car service to be fast, but how about super fast?

A local Jiffy Lube team, called the West 7th Savages, is preparing to show their speed at a national competition.

Five team members belong to this elite oil change crew. Krystal Roloff is the customer service technician. Upper bay technician is Tarah Townsell. Vernon Rice is the lower bay technician. Overseeing the operation is Jeff Bankus, and Logan Garber is the courtesy tech.

Each team member plays an essential role in what you could call a well-oiled machine. They’ll be representing Oregon next month in the J-Team All Stars Grand Finals in Miami, Florida.

What started as an original pool of nearly 1,500 teams is down to just three. They’ve beat out the competition in four rounds to earn the spot in the finals.

“We’re fast. We’re pretty fast. You want time fast? Four minutes 29 seconds was our official time,” Townsell said.

That’s their official score. Unofficially, they’ve done it three minutes and 43 seconds. What will set this team apart in the final round is the two women on their team.

“I like to help people. I like to help them fix their problems, and a lot of people have problems with cars,” Townsell said.

They’re not anticipating any problems during the finals. Their mission–perform a perfect oil change. They’ll be judged on customer service, overall performance, team conduct and quality. The prize is $10,000.

The competition is March 5th.

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