Eugene Park Paving Projects Begin

EUGENE, Ore. — Two of Eugene’s most popular parks are going to be a little more accessible at the end of the month.

With as much traffic as Skinner Butte Park gets, it’s no wonder these roads are ready for a face lift.

“The challenge with these roads are just their age. They’ve been here a long time, and they’ve been used heavily by vehicles, pedestrians, walkers, bikers, so they just need new asphalt,” said Katie Marwitz, Parks Project Manager.

That’s what they’ll get, both in the upper portion of Skinner Butte and on Fairmount Boulevard at Hendricks Park. Both parks are some of Eugene’s most popular and are well-overdue for some paving. The projects will run at the same time starting this week. Skinner Butte began Monday and Hendricks Park will get going soon.

“We’re trying to let the community know that the roadway will be periodically closed, but that access will be maintained throughout the project,” Marwitz said.

While it is a bit cluttered on some access roads, both cars and pedestrians should be able to get to both parks just fine while work continues over the next few weeks.

“We have good traffic control in place and road closure signs, and we’re also keeping it updated through our Twitter account,” Marwitz said.

Crews plan to wrap up both projects by the end of the month.

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