Eugene Police Investigate Bicycle Crash

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene police are still trying to figure out what caused a vehicle and bicycle crash Wednesday afternoon, and officers are asking for the public’s help with the investigation.

A Eugene man was hit by a car here at the intersection of West Fifth Avenue and Chambers Street. He’s in serious condition and was transferred from ICU Thursday.

Bicyclists told KEZI 9 News that wearing a helmet could’ve prevented some of these injuries.

Isaac Johnson rides his bike past this intersection every day.

“It’s five lanes. It’s pretty wide, and the cars on Chambers are doing 30-35 (miles per hour), sometimes faster, coming off the hill, so I just wait until there’s no traffic, and then I just go for it,” Johnson said.

Wednesday this area proved very dangerous after Michael Tackman was hit by a car there. Police officers say Tackman was riding his bike in the northbound lane of Chambers, but traveling southbound.

“Bicyclists have to follow the rules of the road just like the driver of a vehicle would, so if you have a designated bike lane that says you need to go north in that line, then you have to go north or south and vice versa,” said Officer Michael Klews, Eugene Police Department.

Tackman was also not wearing a helmet.

“There isn’t a law that specifically states that adults have to wear helmets, but just because there isn’t a law doesn’t mean it’s not a good idea,” Klews said.

Officers are more interested what the driver was doing before the crash.

“These are the things that people need to make that conscious decision about not to do in the first place, and it’s something that we fight against every single day and it’s hard to get that message across because it’s so easy to get away with it,” Klews said.

Bike safety advocates say this accident just reminds them how dangerous the roadways can be.

If you were at the intersection of Fifth and Chambers Wednesday afternoon around two police want to hear from you.

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  1. Postone says:

    This is a statement from this story: “It’s pretty wide, and the cars on Chambers are doing 30-35 (miles per hour), sometimes faster, coming off the hill,”

    I got news for the KEZI reporters, the drivers on Chambers drive more at a speed of 40-45 mph on Chambers! And many times way faster!

    There is no excuse for hitting this person on that bike. Drivers in Eugene, Oregon and in this country drive like lunatics! And you all know who you are too!

    I’ve been driving a big rig for about 19 years. 58-60 mph in the slow lane watching 99% of these idiot drivers in their pissing contests! If you don’t know this you are either stupid or outright lying!

    My hope is that those of you who drive like idiots, who cut other drivers off, tailgate, flip off other drivers, go from the number one lane to that exit causing others to hit their brakes, I hope you die in fire crash and suffer for a long time! Because frankly you deserve it!

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